The Tea Group

The Tea Group

Embark on the dynamic journey of tea's global rise! Over the past four decades, the tea industry has seen an impressive 40% growth surge. What's even more striking is that 70% of this surge originates from the vibrant 18 to 35-year-old demographic.

At The Tea Group, they're reshaping perceptions of tea, inviting exploration into its vast diversity and myriad choices. As a wholesale and distribution service, they are committed to prioritizing exceptional quality and unmatched taste, all while paying homage to tea's rich history and enduring traditions across cultures. Embracing innovation and creativity to craft an extraordinary tea experience.

Their mission is clear: to offer sustainable, ethical, and inspiring tea solutions that drive profitability for their Global Partners. By empowering the HoReCa community and nurturing the next generation of tea connoisseurs, The Tea Group actively cultivates a community that truly appreciates the essence of tea.

Tea stands as the second most consumed beverage globally, following water, and holds the unique appeal of being suitable for enjoyment at any hour, offering happiness, health, and a sense of adventure. They take pride in the rich history and traditions of tea, acknowledging its significant role in diverse cultures worldwide. Their commitment lies in providing exceptional consumer experiences through innovative, contemporary formats that resonate with a new wave of tea enthusiasts.

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