Classic Deli UAE was born during one of the most challenging times of the 2020 pandemic with the goal of providing access to the finest quality ingredients to our customers to enjoy without the hassle of leaving their doorstep. It has since grown to become the leader in providing a fine dining experience to our in-home customers by offering the ultimate selection of specialty foods and beverages, from organically grown to premium foods.

Classic Deli being part of Classic Fine Foods, we embrace the philosophy that food unites people on multiple levels and nourishes the soul and the body. For this reason, we strive to collaborate with brands that are passionately committed to food and beverage in order to offer our customers an incredible selection of the best brands as well as fresh, seasonal and frozen foods.

Classic Deli’s team is a group of committed, enthusiastic and trained people from different nationalities that work together to make available online the best food and non-food selection for home usage. We are delighted with the commitment and support of our customers and we ensure that the art of cooking is enhanced with the most delicious gourmet treats such as caviar, salmon, beef, cheese, olive oils, chocolates, fruit purees, and more.

Our operations are managed by an ISO22000 certified team that works around the clock to source, prepare and deliver. We also make sure to have a wide selection of products that are certified halal, organic, vegan, red labels and many more.