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Meat Recipes

Californian Chicken     Recipes , Meat Recipes     11/15/2021
Prepare a delicious Californian chicken on the barbecue, following Chef Philippe Morbelli's easy steps.
Organic Roasted Chicken with Espelette Chilli Pepper     Recipes , Meat Recipes     09/30/2021
A simple and gourmet recipe that brings families together!
Lamb Rack Roasted with Garlic & Thyme     Recipes , Meat Recipes     07/13/2021
Invite your friends and families at home and prepare this delicious quick recipe!
Osso Bucco Alla Milanese     Recipes , Meat Recipes     06/20/2021
Let yourself be taken through the streets of Milan
Lamb Shoulder, Fava Beans And Wild Garlic     Recipes , Meat Recipes     03/30/2021
Discover this recipe of lamb shoulder for Easter gathering!
Ribeye steak with chimichurri sauce and baby potatoes     Recipes , Meat Recipes     10/21/2020
Prepare a tasty piece of ribeye steak with a delicious spicy sauce and fondant potatoes.
Foie gras with baby potatoes     Recipes , Meat Recipes     10/21/2020
Simple and delicious! Cook your foie gras with baby potatoes in just few steps.
Duck Breast in Coarse Salt     Recipes , Meat Recipes     10/21/2020
Follow our easy steps to perfectly cook your duck magret in coarse salt