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Crepes Topped With Erhard Ice Cream     Recipes , Sweets & Desserts     05/18/2023
The combination of warm crepes, rich creamy ice cream, and sweet toppings is sure to please your taste buds.
Lamb Rack With Rosemary & Mustard     Recipes , Meat Recipes , Lunch / Dinner     05/18/2023
Enjoy your succulent Roasted Lamb Rack with Rosemary and Mustard!
Creamy Burrata Salad     Recipes , Salad Recipes     05/18/2023
Accompany your salad with a delicious & creamy burrata!
Galette With Egg & Parsley     Recipes , Breakfast Recipes     05/18/2023
This savory galette with egg and basil is a delicious and easy-to-make dish that is perfect for breakfast, brunch, or even as a light lunch or dinner.
Grilled Oysters With Butter & Yuzu Zest     Recipes , Fish & Seafood Recipes     02/24/2023
A refreshing recipe that lets you experience the flavors of the sea. Enjoy grilling oysters at the comfort of your home.
Zucchini With Mushroom Duxelle     Recipes , Lunch / Dinner     01/16/2023
Just another classic French recipe! Zucchini are great for stuffing because their thick flesh makes a good vessel for food. Mushrooms are cooked with butter and onions, making them a delicious version of mushroom duxelles.
Spaghetti with cheese au truffles     Recipes , Lunch / Dinner     06/06/2022
Easy cheesy spaghetti with truffles recipe for this coming Father's Day!
Braised Duck Leg with Shallots     Recipes , Lunch / Dinner     04/13/2022
An Indulgent main course paired with balsamic shallots
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