Casa Raddici

Casa Raddici

Passion from the countryside to the table A two-generation journey across the country to unite two ancient traditions of excellence.

Quality is the single most important aspect of their work.

Casa Radicci's concept is not abstract, but rather is a choice they make daily and that takes concrete form in three ways.

It all begins with the selection of raw materials that are the "soul" of their product.

Quality and flavor flow from this foundation. Only 100% Italian daily milk is used.

Mainly from the carefully selected and certified Piemonte stables (the queen of pure Frisona cow breeding,

the producer of the highest quality milk),and the Saanen and Camosita goat farms (Lombardy and Piemonte).

It brings flavor and aroma victory to life with 100% Italian milk and milk enzymes,

which are not derived from genetically modified microorganisms. No additives are added either.