Algaé specialises in the production, processing and marketing of premium and gourmet products based on seaweed. The seaweed used in Algaé products is harvested mainly in Brittany, in particular in the Iroise Natural Marine Park, on the coast of North Finistère. This area is the largest wild seaweed harvesting area in Europe.

Our seaweed harvesters select and harvest the seaweed by hand during high tides and adapt to the seasonality of each variety. They use an adapted harvesting method to preserve the resource. Once harvested, the seaweed is transported within 24 hours to our factory in Rosporden. On arrival, they are checked and washed to remove any sand and shell residues. They are then salted and stored in a cool place, which ensures optimal preservation.

They are ready to be added to our Algaé recipes!

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