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Easter Mendiant Dark Chocolate Bar 90G


Easter Mendiant Dark Chocolate Bar 90G


The world is big and traditions are many. Discover Finland through the gourmet world of this Easter candy bar. A chocolate bar by artist Laura Ruillier around a Finnish landscape composed of soft and colorful paintings. In Finland, we celebrate witches on Easter. Pascalinger. During this festival, children dress up in costumes and collect lots of sweets. Dark Bar Mendiant is 64% dark chocolate married to a crunchy chip richness of pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts and raisins. With our interpretation of the traditional begging, each piece takes you on a sensory journey.

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From France

The Weiss chocolate factory was founded in 1882 in Saint-Etienne, the land of chocolate Eugène Weiss, the founder and pioneer, discovered the art of mixing candy and beans to the box and created Le Haut Chocolate.

In order to obtain the highest quality cocoa in its chocolates, Weiss sources its products from 9 countries, including Vietnam, the Dominican Republic and Grenada, and selects trusted intermediaries who are committed to responsible sourcing practices. The Weiss brand works with partner manufacturers, as evidenced by the Li Chu 64% and Ceiba collections Li Chu 64% is a solidarity chocolate created in collaboration with the Viet Cocoa Association: Dark chocolate ; Milk chocolate; White chocolate.

Recognized as an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, Maison Weiss is committed to using the best raw materials to produce high-quality chocolates and sweets for all gourmets and culinary professionals around the world.

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