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Taleggio DOP / AOP 200G / PC

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Taleggio DOP / AOP 200G / PC

Taleggio DOP Bontàleggio is a soft cheese, it has a minimum aging of 35 days which takes place in the natural caves of Pasturo, in the heart of the Valsassina. The taste and aroma of DOP Bontàleggio is characterized by the natural microclimate of the seasoning caves. This cheese is made from pasteurized cow's milk from the areas authorized for the production of Taleggio PDO (Protected Designation Origin).
Soft Cheese
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About Mauri

12 thousand square metres for two plants, 150,000 litres of Italian milk processed every day, 5,000 tons of cheese produced each year: these are the numbers of Mauri, a 100% Italian company specialized in dairy production since 1920, now in its 4th generation of the family with Nicoletta Merlo, founder’s great-granddaughter. This company of Pasturo, a few kilometres from Lecco, has been able to hold firmly its link with the Lombard territory of Valsassina, focusing on the know-how of the local dairy tradition and on high quality standards, with a strong focus on innovation. For example a few years ago the launch of two new products ‘Caprì Mauri’ and ‘Caprì light’, fresh cheeses produced with goat's or cow’s milk, has given birth to a new market segment imitated by everybody. Mauri was founded in 1920 by Emilio Mauri, and only 9 years after the craft activity became a real business, with the new plant in Pasturo, an area which is naturally predisposed to the production and ageing of cheese, thanks to its special air and the presence of oxbows, the natural caves characterized by typical hot springs consisting of moist air, able to confer to this cheese unique flavour and personality.

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