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Organic Cod Fillets Bread Crumbs 200g (2 Pieces)

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Marine Stewardship Council Certification (MSC)

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Organic Cod Fillets Bread Crumbs 200 GR is a flaky white fish coated with an organic pan fried breadcrumbs. This frozen cod fillets from Fadi Prestige are carefully selected and frozen in the best way to keep a fresh and crusty product. Ideal as a main course, with roasted potatoes or rice in addition to a lemon-butter or garlic sauce. Appreciated from the children, these organic breaded cod fillets are ideal to help your kids eat fish. Provides proteins, vitamins & low fats. Very easy to cook and on the table in less than 30 mints!
Fish Fillet
Breed & Species
Storage and Cooking Tips
Organic Cod Fillets Bread Crumbs 200GR (2 Pieces) is a frozen product that needs to be stored at a temperature of -6°C to -12°C.
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From France

Fadi Prestige is an International leader in organic gourmet & fair trade for fine dining tables.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats animals". Gandhi

At Fadi Prestige, there are five main principles in order to select the best products:

1. Human Health Organic agriculture must produce food that is free of pesticide or pharmaceutical residues and not genetically modified. It must produce healthy, authentic food with preserved natural and nutritional virtues.

2. The Environment Organic farming is practised in an environment that is favourable to biodiversity, land use planning, maintaining nature reserves, limiting the pressure of man on the elements. It favours local solutions. It will limit the use of polluting technologies and materials.

3. Social and Societal Development Organic farming must remunerate its stakeholders through a fair redistribution of added value. It must not be subject to economic pressures other than those necessary for its operation. It will ensure its development and viability by favouring human-scale farms.

4. Animal Welfare Organic farming will provide optimal living conditions for animals during all stages of their lives and all stages of production. It will use strains or breeds adapted to its methods.

5. Authenticity of Flavour Organic farming allows us to rediscover authentic tastes and flavours. It also gives us the opportunity to respect the product.

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