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Classic Deli’s new selection of pork is prudently selected with special focus on source and cuts. Artisanal brands such as Pierre Oteiza, carried from Les Aldudes Valley in the heart of Basque Country, a farmer and Artisan charcuterie producer since 1987. Pierre Matayron, with a unique breeding of Black Gascon Pork and a great passion for local pure breeding, and were sustainable farming is a big topic. Huguenin pork meat, selected using rigorous quality criteria and are processed by a team of butchers with implacable skills. Levoni, also one of the known pork brands from Italy, is also added to complete our assortment. At classic Deli we look at bringing gourmet, delicatessen pork cuts and meat that intrigue your taste buds and delivers great flavours. A selection of cured & smocked, terrines & pates, meat & sausages, preserves & accompanied snacking that pleases all taste. If you are looking for items such as salami with truffle, matured sausage, diced belly, sliced ham, pork belly, pâté and mortadella, you have reached the right online shop. Choose your selection and have them delivered to your doorstep across the UAE.





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