This whole corn fed yellow chicken has been raised following strict rules to ensure the best quality and animal welfare.

- sustainable and animal-friendly feed

- the guarantee of the national origin of the animals (chicks born in France)

- the development of hardy or semi-hardy breeds according to the needs of our customers, access to the open air on grassy and tree

-lined runs (20% of the Group's chickens and 98% of the laying hen farms) and/or increasing the space available for henhouse-raised animals

- the layout of spaces to allow the expression of the behavior of each species, natural light in poultry houses

- the preservation of animal health and the assessment of animal welfare

- respect for the environment

- Audits by independent bodies to ensure compliance with specifications. On the transport and slaughter side, we act for the protection of animals on :

- reducing the transport time of animals to less than 3 hours on average

- training in animal welfare for all persons working with animals

- the layout of our animal reception docks

- the installation of cameras for the transparency of practices

- systematic stunning of all animals before slaughter.

(Already more than 50% of chickens are stunned "under controlled atmosphere" recommended by NGOs).


Data sheet

HGP - No Hormone
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