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Since its creation in 1886 in Paris, FAUCHON has been sharing culinary excellence in the French way and throughout the world. To the taste of the rare and the unique, the brand combines fantasy, audacity and creativity.
It all began in the early 1880s. Auguste Félix Fauchon, who came straight from Calvados, began his career as an apprentice at Félix Potin's, before moving to the Madeleine market in 1885 where, with his four-season carriage, he offered fruit and vegetables from the best orchards and vegetable gardens in France. A year later, he opened his first grocery shop specializing in French products on the Place de la Madeleine. Until the First World War, FAUCHON lived to the rhythm of the palaces and the posh clientele of the Ritz, with neighbors such as Guerlain, the great suitcase makers Goyard and Louis Vuitton. For over 15 years, Michel Ducros and Samy Vischel have been at the helm of FAUCHON.
The brand is now established in more than 15 countries around the world with 73 outlets, two 5-star hotels and soon a gastronomy school.
All year round, FAUCHON offers a sensory and customized experience for all its product categories: delicatessen, pastry, tea, confectionery and chocolate. With its elegant designs, fine recipes and ancestral know-how in the composition of gift boxes, FAUCHON is the reference for refined and gourmet gifts.





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